If you appreciate creativity and taste, Milkshake and Co. is the right place for you

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With a number of food ventures in Ludhiana, it is hard to find a place that offers something different other than the same Italian, Indian, Chinese food and snacks. Also, apart from the food, its presentation also matters. However, if the presentation is not up to the mark, the desire to eat dies.

The Hush Post has come to your rescue. Once you enter this place, you’ll automatically feel the vibes of Milkshake and Company.

Known for its finger licking and mouth-watering offerings, even its ordinary shakes and French fries appear extraordinary. After visiting Milkshake and Co, you’ll realise even French fries can be much satisfying.

Not only hunger of your tummy, this place will satisfy the hunger of your eyes with their wonderful food presentation and interiors. If you are looking for some great ambience to relax and eat as well, you should surely visit this place.

With a wide range of exotic cheesy fries, freshly prepared mocktails, milkshakes, burger bombs, cold coffees, this place has it all for you. Among everything, this place can be visited freely by anyone as it does not serve alcohol in any form.

Their attractive mocktail and milkshake glasses are one of their kind and something worth taking a sip. Furthermore, they serve French fries in tiny tin cans designed in a way that captures your attention without fail.

PS. For youngsters, it’s time to impress your mothers as these tin cans can be taken home also.

The interior of the place is soulfully beautiful and is decorated with many animated characters and colourful house miniatures.

Milkshake and Co is the right blend of good food and right ambience, without sacrificing quality and quantity.

With these offerings and services, Milkshake and Co give the value for your money. Also, the food items are prepared in proper hygienic and clean conditions. One can order Milkshake and Co. Yummy food online on Zomato and Swiggy.

You will be very excited to learn that Milkshakes and Co. are widening there reach, it is soon going to establish its name in Mohali as well!


  • French Fries, Burgers
  • Mocktails, Coffee, Milkshakes
  • Extremely beautiful ambience
  • Well- managed and polite staff
  • Hygienic and clean

ADDRESS: SCF. Sarabha Nagar Road, Sarabha Nagar, Kipps Market, Ludhiana- 141001

CONTACT: 9115111911




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