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scooter rigged

Jugaad | 3 men turn scooter into pushcart leave Delhi for Madhubani in Bihar

The Hush Post| 1:03 pm|one-minute-read| Jugaad in the times of Corona Virus. A story of frugal innovation has come to light from Uttar Pradesh's Chandauli district...
Shaktikanta das

Relief advised from EMIs for 3 months on loans by RBI| Details inside

The Hush Post| 10:50 pm| one-minute-read| Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Friday announced a cut of 75 basis points in the repo rate to 4.4...
corona deaths

1071 confirmed cases and 29 deaths in Indiai due to COVID-19

The Hush Post| 4:10 | one-minute-read| On day five of the lockdown, India reached 1,071 Corona Virus confirmed cases, the death count rose to 29....

President Trump says US will not pay to protect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Hush Post | 6:11 pm | One-minute read | US President Donald Trump has said that the United States will not pay to protect...
ludhiana jail

4 prisoners escape Ludhiana jail on Saturday morning

The Hush Post| 4:21 pm|one-minute-read| Four prisoners lodged at the Central Jail in Ludhiana fled in the intervening Friday night and Saturday by climbing the...