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9 children fall ill after eating fruit plucked from tree

The Hush Post| 1:07pm|1-min-read At least nine children were on Tuesday admitted to a hospital at Batala in Gurdaspur district of Punjab. The children fell...
rakhi sawant

Rakhi Sawant injured as woman wrestler throws her on the mat; WATCH VIDEO The Hush Post| 11:13 am| one-minute-read Item girl and dancer Rakhi Sawant had a bitter taste of a fight in the wrestling ring. A woman...
Mika Singh

Mika Singh makes fun of Rakhi Sawant on Twitter

The Hush Post|20:15pm|1-min-read Mika Singh made fun of Rakhi Sawant for being defeated in wrestling. Rakhi Sawant was performing at a wrestling event hosted by...
binny bansal

Binny Bansal quits Flipkart owing to allegations of ‘personal misconduct’, Walmart says, nothing found...

The Hush Post| 18:02 | two-minute-read The second co-founder of original Flipkart, Binny Bansal has resigned from the company. The Flipkart Group CEO Binny Bansal...
ct group

2,100 students participate in a CT University event, Ludhiana

The Hush Post|18:24 pm | one-minute-read More than 2,100 students from 52 schools of Ludhiana and around participated in mega event Dhanak at CT University,...