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Hrithik Roshan

Woman had crush on Hrithik Roshan, husband stabs her to death

The Hush Post| 5:13 pm|one-minute-read| A 33-year-old man in the US stabbed his wife and later hanged himself to death. Reason: He was jealous of...

FIR registered in Ludhiana for awarding compensation for land acquisition by NHAI

The Hush Post| 9:19 pm|one-minute-read| A case of fraud case about making false entries in assessment register and e-rolls and fraudulently helping three persons beneficiaries...

51-year-old Halle Berry “finally” achieves six-pack abs

The Hush Post | 6:07 pm | One-minute read | Actress Halle Berry has achieved what majority of the men fail to. The Bond bombshell...

Fued between Salman Khan-Akshay Kumar fans| Salmaniacs ask for Akshay’s citizenship proof

The Hush Post| 3:20 pm|one-minute-read| It is a virtual fan-wars on social media between Salamaniacs, the moniker for Salman Khan's fans and Akshay Kumar's fans. This...
gold price goes down

Gold prices down by Rs 2,300/10 grams since early Sept | Rs 37,671/tola today

The Hush Post| 11:42 am|one-minute-read| Gold prices in India are down Rs 2,300 per 10 grams/tola compared to a high of Rs 40,000 per 10...