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woman under elephant

Woman stuck under elephant idol becomes task for people to pull her out |WATCH...

The Hush Post|1:27 pm|one-minute-read| Well, this was a picture gone wrong. A woman tried to slide from beneath an elephant idol to have herself clicked...
pandaal collapse

14 dead, 50 injured due to ‘pandaal’ collapse in Barmer Rajasthan

The Hush Post| 7:05 pm |one-minute-read| At least 14 people have been reportedly killed and over 50 injured in Barmer Rajasthan after a 'pandaal' collapsed...

Man trying to sell Whale Puke worth Rs. 1.7 crore arrested in Mumbai

The Hush Post | 8:43 pm | One-minute read | Mumbai police have arrested a man who was trying to sell whale puke or ambergris....
man forced to rub nose

Man forced to rub nose on people’s shoes; WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post| 10:40am| 1-min-read In a shocking incident, a man was forced to rub his nose on the shoes of people at Mandsaur in...
Brian Lara

Brian Lara hospitalised due to chest pain in Mumbai

The Hush Post| 4:09 pm |one-minute-read| Former West Indies batting great Brian Lara was on Tuesday admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. This, after he...