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Zareen Khan says, film director wanted her to rehearse kissing scene with him

She recalled, "The person is like, 'you have to let go of your inhibitions, you have to let go of inhibitions' The Hush Post |...

‘Dead man’ returns home on the day family was observing tervi rituals

The Hush Post | 3:45 pm | One-minute read A 49-year-old man in Bihar, who was presumed dead by his family, returned home when...

Bank mistakenly deposits Rs. 80 lakh in couple’s account and they spent it all

The Hush Post | 6:45 pm | One-minute read | A bank mistakenly credited a couple’s account with $120,000 (Rs. 80 lakh) and they just...

Muslim brothers in Gujarat performs last rites of Brahmin ‘uncle’ according to Hindu rituals

The Hush Post | 4:45 pm | One-minute read Three Muslim brothers hailing from Amreli district of Gujarat cremated their Brahmin uncle in accordance...

Milk prices touch Rs 140/litres in Pak, higher than petrol

The Hush Post| 1:32 pm|one-minute-read| Price of milk have touched the roof across major Pakistan cities on the day when Muharram is observed, according to...