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16 school children injured, 3 serious after cylinder explosion in school bus in UP

The Hush Post | 17:32 pm |one-minute-read Sixteen children were injured, three of them serious, after a school bus caught fire as a result of...
Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala CM Vijayan skips ‘Hurray menses’ function meant to celebrate ‘periods’

The Hush Post| 9:03 am | two-minute-read Even as Sabarimala controversy is on, yet another controversy erupted in Kerala – a related one. The...

20 countries to be part of garment machinery expo in Ludhiana from Jan 25...

The Hush Post|12:50 pm|1-min-read   GMMSA EXPO INDIA is all set for another milestone with its fourth edition to bring the best in manufacture of garments. The...

Arjun Kapoor back-stabbed Salman, who has banned Boney & Arjun’s entry in Khan house

The Hush Post| 8:09 pm |two-minute-read A then rotund Arjun Kapoor was encouraged by superstar Salman Khan to reduce weight and try his hands at...

MSD hits winning six of second last ball, Virat’s century too doesn’t go waste...

The Hush Post| 15:51 pm |three-miute-read India won the second ODI match of the India-Australia ODI series at Adelaide by six wickets, and Mahendra Singh...