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Rafale deal: Anil Ambani to take back cases against Congress leaders, National Herald

The Hush Post | 7:28 pm | One-minute read | Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group has decided to withdraw the Rs.5000-crore defamation suits against Congress leaders...
Lok Sabha

List of 542 Lok Sabha winners and losing candidates…Details inside

The Hush Post| 5:37 pm | List of all the winners in the 542 Lok Sabha seats during  the General elections 2019: Seat Winners Party Alliance Nearest losing candidate Party Alliance Adilabad Soyam Bapu...

Muslim woman names newborn as ‘Narendra Modi’

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Common signs of Cancer that we usually ignore | Do not ignore them! Read...

Health @The Hush Post| The Being a life-threat disease Cancer can be best cured if it is diagnosed at an early stage. However, there are...

Son kills father after argument over ‘badly cooked’ mutton curry

The Hush Post|13:30 pm|1-min-read A son killed his father after an argument broke out between them over a ‘badly cooked’ mutton curry by his wife....