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graying of hair

Stress causes gray hair and how, scientists explain

The Hush Post| 4:04 pm|one-minute-read| Shah Jahan's hair turned gray overnight so did Marie Antoinette’s, according to folklore. Shah Jahan lost his wife Mumtaz and...
Maths Teacher Video

Maths teacher who impressed SRK and Anand Mahindra |WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post| 1:54 pm|one-minute-read| Here's a Maths teacher who impressed Shah Rukh Khan and Anand Mahindra. SRK is pretty active on Twitter. He often shares...
CBSE allows calculators

CBSE allows calculators for a section of class X and XII students |Details inside

The Hush Post| 9:01 pm|one-minute-read| CBSE has agreed to use of calculators in examinations for class X and XII but there is a special clause....
Sikhs killed London

Three Sikhs killed in London after clash within the community |Two arrests made

The Hush Post| 9:59 am|one-minute-read| Three Sikhs were stabbed to death after a street fight broke out. The street fight broke out between two groups...
Man kissing on camera

Man caught kissing on camera during football match by partner | WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post| 12:57 pm|one-minute-read| A man was watching a football match and was caught on camera kissing and smooching. His partner/wife came to know...