Nirav Modi’s bail appeal in UK: Defence lawyer says his children will be in London for studies, no way he can run away; Read court room proceedings

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The Royal Courts of Justice in London has concluded hearing Indian fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi’s bail appeal. The decision will be given on Wednesday at 10 am. The court had begun hearing Nirav Modi’s appeal against a lower court’s order to deny him bail on Tuesday.
He is fighting against his extradition from Britain to India in the infamous nearly USD 2 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud and money laundering case.
Nirav Modi pleaded through his lawyer Claire Montgomery to the Royal Courts of Justice in London to grant him bail ahead of trial.  
Here’s an account of what his lawyer Claire Montgomery pleaded in Nirav’s defence, how the Crown Prosecution Service representing Indian Government in Royal Courts of Justice in London responded, and what did the Judge say.

Claire Montgomery, Nirav Modi’s defence lawyer

  • Claire Montgomery read out some email exchange between Nirav Modi & his brother. Montgomery said ‘the emails clearly show that there is no evidence of any sort of witness interference. We’ve seen witnesses from Abu Dhabi who’ve replied to emails from ED’
  • “He moved here to raise capital, to explore where in the world he needed to be immigration wise. If he is given bail, he is willing to be tagged through an electronic device, have a phone that can be tracked“.

“And since he has an extradition case starting, there is no way he will run away. His daughter and son will be moving here, they are starting university”

Crown Prosecution Service on Nirav Modi’s bail plea and what the Judge said

  • Allegations are of conniving & criminal acts.
    The Judge said these are just allegations. These will be dealt with in due course. It’s a matter of unsecured lending
  • The Judge explained what she understood of the case where dummy partners were used to issue letter of understandings and money was diverted to different companies.
    Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that it was the right understanding.
  • Crown Prosecution Service says if Nirav Modi is given bail during extradition hearings, then that’s another thing. But he should not be given bail at this time as he faces serious charges

Judge says at this stage Nirav Modi has got highly designed legal team in place, who are preparing to face the Indian Government to stop the extradition. And he has a good chance to fail the extradition altogether. And if he is extradited then he could be arrested at that time

  • Crown Prosecution Service says it is no accident that he (Nirav Modi) has arrived in the U.K. The way he has carried out frauds, he knew this day was coming. He has been making offers of cash securities to get bail which started from £500,000 which has now gone upto £2 million.


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