Nirav Modi’s London address: Centre Point Apartment, Theatre district; SEE PICS

The Hush Post|08:40 am| 1-min-read
India’s most wanted fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi was tracked down to the 33-storey Centre Point Apartment complex in London’s Theatre District.
Nirav was captured on video by The Daily Telegraph newspaper. He declined to answer questions around his status in the UK and his application for asylum, repeatedly replying ‘no comment’.
The tower was earlier an office complex and was converted into luxury residences with prices ranging from £2 million to £55 million. The apartments offer spectacular views over the city of London.
Modi is believed to be living in a property worth £8 million apartment in the tower. The rent for a similar apartment in the tower comes to approximately £17,000 a month, the Daily Telegraph revealed in its news report.
The tower has its own Tube station with residents having to walk a few feet from the busy Tottenham Court Road station to enter its lobby.
The complex features a number of high-end restaurants and coffee shops.
Meanwhile Modi’s eponymous store, located on the highly expensive Old Bond Street,  has a “permanently closed” sign on its shutters.
The lobby of the Centre Point complex was crawling with security agents who refused to allow anyone inside the lobby.


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