Nirmand: Kashi of the Himalayas


Fateh Veer Singh Guram, Travel @ The Hush Post: Overlooking the Satluj Valley, Nirmand is the second largest village in Himachal Pradesh. Inhabited since the early Vedic period, this village is one of the oldest rural settlements of India. There are a number of ancient stone and wooden temples in the region, and these temples date back to the 6th and 7th centuries AD. The village is also known as the ‘Kashi of the Himalayas’.nirmand

Places to Visit:

Ambika Temple:

An ancient shrine located in the village, the shrine of Goddess Ambika, who is a form of the Hindu goddess Durga, is a famous place of worship. While the old, original structure has been altered over time, there are several stone sculptures which are still preserved in the temple complex. These sculptures are quite antique, and the roof of the temple is made of pure copper sheets.

Deccani Mahadev Temple:

Located near the Ambika Temple, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The lingam in this temple is believed to have come from the Deccan area, hence the name of the temple. This temple is famous for its intricately carved wooden doors and pillars, and these specimens are among the finest example of woodcarving in the entire state.

Parshuram Temple:

The Parshuram Temple complex is the principal shrine of Nirmand. Built in the traditional Pahari style of architecture, it has a gabled slate roof and uses wood and stone extensively. The wooden balconies and pillars in the exterior are carved in an exquisite folk style. They also depict scenes from Hindu mythology, and the temple complex also resembles a hill fortress. The fortress encloses a small courtyard, whose entry is only from the western side.

The northern side of the temple is a double storeyed structure, and is home to a storehouse. This storehouse is believed to contain many artefacts, most of which are priceless. However, very little is known about them.


A small village located on the ancient Hindustan-Tibet highway, Sarahan is known as the ‘Gateway to Kinnaur.’ Sarahan is famous for being the site of the famous Bhimakali Temple, and the village was the summer capital of the erstwhile Bushahr kingdom. Situated at an altitude of around 2165 metres, the village is famous for its apple orchards, pine forests and small streams that criss-cross the region.

It is located at a height of 51 kilometres from Nirmand.

Best Time to Visit:

Since the village is located at a comfortable height of 1,450 metres, it experiences pleasant summers and cool winters. The entire region erupts into many hues of green during the monsoons, and hence this quaint village is an ideal destination throughout the year.

How to Reach:

Kullu, the district headquarters, is located at a distance of 237 kilometres. Shimla, the state capital, is lies 149 kilometres away. The nearest airport and railway station to Kullu are located in Shimla.

Chandigarh and New Delhi are located at a distance of 243 kilometres and 488 kilometres, respectively.


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