WATCH VIDEO; Plane lands on truck ‘news’ video is viral; Truth: It was an ad commercial from past of Nissan trucks

plane on truck

The Hush Post: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. There is a lot of difference between propaganda, publicity and ads and there is none if one wants to blur the line the way Nissan did to sell its trucks.

So here is an advert from the past shot like a news story so that it looks real. Nissan shot an advertisement way back seven-eight years on October 17, 2011. That’s when it was first uploaded on YouTube.

But it has suddenly gone viral today ie, in June-July 2018.


The ad shows a Nissan truck coming to the rescue of a plane which had its landing system failed. And people are saluting the Nissan driver John Locey, who drove a Nissan truck at the same speed as seemingly the plane which had failure of its landing gear. So what happened next? A Nissan truck driven out by the ad commercial actor John Locey at the same speed as the plane and the planes frontier lands on Nissan truck cruising along and then the Nissan driver John walks out with a swagger.

Everyone is sharing the advertisement thinking it is a news story of a real-life incident and are thinking of John Locey as the hero except that it was all planned for a commercial.

The video also includes testimonials of witnesses at the airport, including passengers, baggage handlers and the heroic truck driver himself. The truck driver, Jason Locey recounts how he drove, after he heard about the plane on the radio. Had this attempt been a failed one, it could have probably resulted in a fatal accident and it is commendable how Jason had no second thoughts about taking one of the biggest risks of his life.

More shocking is the fact that a website which headlined it as a fake video and clarified that it was a Nissan ad commercial was shared by 1 individual.

On the other hand, which called it heroic was shared by a whopping 761 people.

As we said at the beginning repeat a lie and it becomes a truth.


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