Nokia mobile explodes in Odisha; one dead

The Hush Post: An explosion in a Nokia mobile phone cost a 19-year-old girl in Kheriakani district in Odisha her life.

The teenager Uma Oram was talking to her relative with her Nokia 5233 plugged in for charging. The instrument then exploded in her hands causing severe burns on her face, chest and legs. The girl was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Speaking to the local channels, the victim’s brother Durga Prasad Oram said that the phone’s battery was draining out while Uma was talking so she plugged it for charging while talking on it at the same time. Apparently a few seconds later the phone exploded and the girl fell unconscious.

“The cell phone was on charging when she started talking to a relative. Its battery exploded suddenly. Before we could know what exactly happened, Uma fell unconscious. She died at the hospital,” said Durga Prasad.

It may be mentioned here that Nokia 5233 is an old phone which runs on the Symbian OS. The company that made it officially does not exist anymore. The new Nokia phones, which run Android, are made by HMD Global, a Finland-based company set up by the old Nokia executives.

HMD Global, the company that currently sells Nokia-branded phones, has said that it has nothing to do with the Nokia 5233, a very old phone. “We are deeply saddened to hear of the unfortunate incident involving a 19-year-old girl that has been reported. The mobile phone in question was not manufactured or sold by HMD Global, the new home of Nokia phones, set up in 2016 to create a new range of devices. At HMD Global, we are committed to producing high-quality handsets which deliver a strong user experience and meet high customer expectations,” HMD Global said in a statement to news sites.

Nokia 5233 is a Symbian-based phone launched by Nokia in 2010. Nokia in 2014 gave its phone manufacturing rights and license to Microsoft when the company’s phone division was acquired by the Windows maker. Microsoft created Window Phone powered Lumia phones but after trying for a while in the market and failing to compete with Android, it disintegrated the division. The HMD Global took shape after that.

Incidentally, reports of phones exploding have surfaced earlier but this is first time it has resulted in a fatality. Earlier, Samsung had recalled the Note 7 after problems with its battery caused the phone to burn, heat up and explode. There have been also reports of other phones, including the iPhones, catching fire, particularly when used with unauthorised or third-party chargers and cables.


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