Now Bihar minister ‘reveals’ Lord Shiva’s caste

The Hush Post | 7:51 pm | One-minute read |

If anyone is unaware of Lord Shiva’s caste, a Bihar minister has the answer. Mining and Geology minister in the Bihar government, Brij Kishore Bind has claimed that Lord Shiva comes from the Bind caste, a caste which he belongs to. The BJP leader says he is not wrong as even the Puranas state Lord Shiva to be a Bind.

Brij Kishore Bind made the claim during a welcome ceremony of Governor Phagu Chauhan in Patna. Many BJP and JDU leaders were present during the programme. Citing the Shiv Purana, the Bihar minister said that Part 2, Chapter 36 and Para 4 says Lord Shiva was a Bind from caste.

Further substantiating his claim he said the fact is even taught to MA students pursuing ancient history. On this basis I thought that the people of the society too should have the knowledge about it, he said.

Bind questioned, “If Lord Krishna can be a ‘Gwalaa’ and Lord Rama a ‘Kshatriya’, then why can’t Lord Shiva be from the Bind caste?”

Earlier during the Lok Sabha, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had claimed that Lord Hanuman was a Dalit. Brahmin organizations had flayed Yogi for his remark.


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