Now get a coronavirus test within five minutes and almost anywhere

The Hush Post | 5:46 pm | One-minute read |

Even as the coronavirus crisis continues to ravage lives worldwide, there is some good news coming out. Now people won’t have to wait for hours to get a COVID-19 test. American health care giant Abbott Laboratories has come up with a diagnostic test for coronavirus infection which can deliver results to patients within five minutes.

Abbott Laboratories said on Friday that it had got the US marketing approval for the test. The diagnostic test can be used in physicians’ offices and urgent care clinics, as well as hospitals.

In a statement, Abbott said that it will begin distributing the test next week and will ramp up manufacturing to 50,000 tests per day.

John Frels, vice president of research and development at Abbott, said, “You can get a positive result in five minutes and a negative result in 13 minutes. You can walk into a clinic and literally get results while you are there.”

Reuters reported on Friday that the United States now has more than 100,000 cases


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