Observe Janta Curfew from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday | If employees can’t attend office don’t cut salaries in the coming days


The Hush Post|8:01 pm|one-minute-read|

Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi has urged the countrymen that the nation and its people should not be complacent about Corona Virus not spreading with as much speed as in other countries.

“Today I am asking something from you, the citizens. I want some of your time in the coming weeks. The countries where Corona Virus has spread much faster saw very few cases in the initial days. Many countries have isolated people to escape further spread of the Covid-19. The way the disease is getting spread and in such a scenario thinking that India will not be affected by this disease is a wrong notion.

There is only one mantra that will work in such a scenario that “if we or I am healthy the world is healthy. Also, we have to show our mental balance. We have to start what we call is social distancing or self-distancing is good.”

As far as possible, please work for the next few days from home. Only peoples’ representatives, media and other such people should go out in the open only when necessary. I would like to call it Janta Curfew, Curfew by the people (Janta), for the people and to the people. And people should observe it from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sunday.

In the situation, if the employees are not able to attend office, the employers should not cut their salaries. Supplies of food, milk items and medicines should not shut.

PM Modi said that citizens should try and not go to hospitals for routine check-ups. Instead, they should just call their doctors over the phone for a consultation. It is important that the healthcare system is not stretched, Modi said.


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