112 cobras found in a house, man used to worship them

snake in mud house

The Hush Post: A man who used to live with 112 cobras and worship them each morning. More than 110 baby cobras and two adult cobras were found from a house in Bhadrak, Odisha.
Two adult cobras male and female, 20 eggs and 110 snakes were found the mud house of a labourer at Paikasahi village on Saturday, the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Bhadrak, Amlan Nayak, said.

The snakelets were about two to three days old, he said, adding, the adult cobras, a male and a female, were around 2.10 metres in length.
The snakelets would be released to their natural habitat, away from human habitation, the DFO said.

S K Mirza, a snake rescuer, rushed to the site on Saturday evening after the labourer called Bijay Bhuyan, the owner of the house, informed him that a number of snakes were inside his house.
After five hours of search, around 110 snakelets and 20 eggs were found, Mirza said.
There was termite in one of the rooms in Bhuyan’s house which he was aware of and also the fact that the snakes were present. He used to worship them and offered milk.


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