Elephant enters residential complex, playfully moves his trunk on parked cars, bikes


The Hush Post| 12:38 pm |one-minute-read

Ever seen an adult elephant throwing his trunk playfully at parked cars, bikes and bicycles in a residential area! An adult elephant virtually entered a residential colony and started roaming around like a pet dog. Only that people got so scared inside their cars, houses that they remained where they were.

The giant entered a park in the residential settlement of Abhinav Bidanasi in Odisha’s Cuttack on Monday after it got separated from a herd while crossing a river, Forest officials said.

The park is situated on the left embankment of river Kathajodi. Residents, who panicked, soon informed the Forest department about the elephant.

Forest officials said the elephant was separated from a herd of about 15 elephants. This happened when they were crossing the river and going to nearby Athagarh Forest Range.

The giant animal is believed to be between about 14-15 years old and has a tusk” said city forest range officer AK Mishra.


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