Bhubaneswar boys invent pens made of newspapers to reduce plastic usage

The Hush Post | 8:27 pm | One-minute read

Two boys from Bhubaneswar district of Orissa have reportedly invented eco-friendly pens which are made of newspapers, vegetables, fruit and flower seeds. Prem Chand Pandey and Mohammad Ahmad Raza are the brains behind these use and throw pens. These pens are available for sale through a start-up called Likhna. The two versions of these pens cost Rs 5 and Rs 7 each. The news agency ANI posted the pictures of these pens on twitter.

However, the pens contain a plastic refill and the duo is working to find an alternative. “We tried to make eco-friendly alternative of plastic pens, as plastic is harming the environment. These pens are not completely free as they have a plastic refill, but the body of the pen has been created from a newspaper.  Our next aim is to do away with the plastic refill,” Prem Chand Pandey said.

Ahmad Raza said that these pens are also available in Australia and Germany apart from India. He said, “Unlike regular use and throw pens, people can discard these pens in a pot or soil and within weeks it will germinate into a plant. We’ve received good reviews for our pens, not only in India but also from Germany and Australia.”

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