Ahmedabad-Puri Express runs 10 km without engine, hundreds of passengers inside

Train was stopped by putting stones on railway track after railway employees noticed it moving untimely

The Hush Post:  It was almost a narrow escape for hundreds of passengers as the Ahmedabad-Puri Express train in Odisha on Saturday night travelled upto 10 kilometres without an engine. Hundreds of passengers were on the board when the incident occurred, NDTV has reported.

The engine of the train had been detached from the coaches before the train starting moving as the skid brakes had not been applied by the in charge railway employee. After noticing the train’s untimely movement, the Railways employees rushed to place stones on the track and managed to bring it to a halt, but by then it had already travelled upto about 10 km. Railway officials reportedly said all the passengers were safe.

The Ahmedabad-Puri Express was at Titlagarh station in Odisha, some 380 kilometres from state capital, Bhubaneswar, when the incident occurred at about 10 pm on Saturday.

“All passengers are safe and no one was hurt when the coaches moved towards Kesinga after the engine was detached to be attached at the other end of the train,” an Railway spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Railway authorities also said that the section from Titlagarh station towards Kesinga, an area near to the station, has a downward slope, the report said.

Two members of the Railways staff who were responsible for carrying out the shunting procedure, which includes adding the engine to the coaches, have been suspended, the spokesperson reportedly said.

The spokesperson said that after the staff managed to stop the train, a train engine was sent to the spot to continue the train’s journey.

Jaideep Gupta, Divisional Railway Manager for Sambhalpur, under which Titlagarh station falls, has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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