Recycle Plastic and earn talk time, the Bhubaneshwar way!

photo courtesy twitter@eastcoastrail
photo courtesy twitter@eastcoastrail

The Hush Post: Officials at the Bhubaneshwar railway station have come up with a unique method to recycle plastic at the railway station. The East Coast railway has installed plastic recycling machines on two platforms of the Bhubaneshwar Railway Station. Upon depositing a plastic bottle, a person will get talk time worth rupees 10. And the best part is that this facility can be utilised any number of times!

The machines have the capacity to crush and shred those bottles whose capacity ranges from 200 ml to 2 litres. After a person puts a plastic bottle inside the machine, (s)he will be asked to provide her/his contact details. After this, a message from East Coast Railway will be sent to the person and (s)he can then use the code given in the message to earn talktime worth rupees 10.


“We have noticed that people would often casually throw plastic water bottles on train tracks, which would soon accumulate into tiny heaps of garbage. Though people would throw discarded bottles in dustbins sometimes, the habit of casually throwing a plastic bottle anywhere within the station premises remained. We thought that if something could be given to them in return for recycling plastic bottles, the habit might change,” Jaideep Gupta, Divisional Railway Manager, Sambalpur Division, East Coast Railway said.

photo courtesy twitter@eastcoastrail
photo courtesy: Twitter (@eastcoastrail)

In an effort to generate revenue from the process, the Bhubaneshwar Railway Station collects shredded bottles from the machines and uses them to make cutlery, carpets and bags for sale within the station premises. Officials have said that they have plans to make toilet cabinets from recycled plastic in the near future.

Bhubaneshwar is the second station, after Puri, to have such facilities installed. The East Coast Railway is closely monitoring the response of the people towards this initiative, and if successful, plans to get such machines installed across all stations on the East Coast Railway network.

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