Old lady posts SOS “I need more beer”; gets 150 cans at her doorstep

The Hush Post | 7:43 pm | One-minute read |

Booze lovers are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus lockdown across the globe. In one such incident, an old woman in the US made an appeal asking for some beer. And what, she got 150 cans of beer delivered at her doorstep.

The incident took place in Seminole, Pennsylvania. 93-year-old Olive Veronesi used to have a can of beer daily. During her quarantine she was close to finishing off her stock and no option but to go out and buy more.

At this desperate moment Veronesi made an appeal. She urged a relative and got photographed with a write and erase board that read: “I need more beer!!”

She stood up in front of her window with a beer can in one hand and the appeal in other. Olive’s photo has since gone viral.

A local TV posted the photo on its Facebook page, which got over 5 million views. A beer brand which Olive was photographed consuming, rose to the occasion.

“Olive asked and beer is on its way!” the beer brand tweeted.

And the next tweet, viola! Olive had ten 15 packs of Coors Light on her door.


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