On panchayat’s orders, man publicly flogs wife for eloping with another man; act captured on video

Video clip, shot with mobile phone, shows the woman tied to a tree and repeatedly being hit with a leather belt by her husband

The Hush Post: On the orders of panchayat, a man publicly flogged his wife for eloping with another man in a village falling  under Bulandshahar district of  Uttar Pradesh. The incident came to light on Thursday.

Bulandshahar incident
A videograb shows a woman tied to a tree and her husband flogs her.

In this connection the husband of the woman, an ex-panchayat head and his son have been arrested by the police after the video clip of the incident went viral on social media and WhatsApp messaging app. The incident had reportedly taken place on March 10 in Launga village.

Bulandshahr police said a case has been registered against 18 people, 12 of them unidentified, on the basis of the video clip.

The police have contacted the woman who is currently at her parents’ house. In this case a former village head Sher Singh and his son Shravan and woman’s husband Shaudan Singh have been arrested. Search is on for the other accused allegedly involved in this crime, the police added.

This video clip, shot with mobile phone, shows this saree-clad woman’s hands tied to a tree and repeatedly hit with a belt by a man wearing a jacket. The woman is heard screaming after each hit.

The police said the panchayat did so as it wanted to teach the woman a lesson for eloping with another.

The woman has reportedly admitted to eloping with one Dharmendra Lodhi on March 5 and staying in another village. After five days, a group of people from Launga convinced the couple to return to their village. Police said Shersingh and his supporters convened a kangaroo court and ordered her public flogging, Hindustan Times reported on Friday.


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