Only Parents can help prevent criminal instincts in children

Aanchal Malhotra, Ludhiana

A very happy children’s day to all ! Contributing to the fervour of this day, i would like to quote the words of our first Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country” However, here i would like to give a serious thought about the upcoming generation the Gen Y of our country. As we are all aware about the recent murder case of Pradyuman ,in which an 11th class student of his school is alleged to be involved in his murder.

Similarly, in the unfortunate case of Nirbhaya which shook the nation a teenager was the prime culprit. But has anyone wondered why such young minds taking destructive actions? What is it that is influencing them to such an extent that such heinous crimes are being committed by them? What is the cause of growing insensitivity in youngsters today?
I think some factors which contribute to developing of such tendancies in youngsters include abundance of brutal shootout videos and mobile games on net, negative peer pressure, excessive violence in movies, growing number of nuclear families and instant availability of almost everything today which is leading to increasing impatience, anger, ego and intolerance in them.

According to a well known child and family counsellor, Shamina Deol, “Biology more than parenting is to be blamed for it. In this particular age teenagers are self centred and at times in diferrent to the thoughts and feelings of others. Parents should model empathetic behaviour, It is very important as parents are the first persons that a child looks up to. The way they behave has an impact on the child as well”

“They should positively reinforce their teens when they see them behaving in an empathetic manner. Also teens should be made aware of how and to what extent their attitudes and behaviour can affect others” Says Deol. She is also of the opinion that a child is much more than just his/her academic performance. It is important to look for the person behind their academic performance.

Since parents and teachers are the role models for their children and students, it is time they geared up to this issue and take appropriate steps to sensitize their teens. To make india a better place to live in we need to think, act and implement accordingly. What kind of india do we want- a beautiful one with peace prevailing all around or one filled with notoriety and destruction the choice is yours.