Opposition submits notice for impeachment of Chief Justice of India

Justice Dipak Misra
Move for Justice Dipak Misra's impeachment motion.

The Hush Post: The Opposition today submitted a notice for the impeachment of the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra. The notice was submitted to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.

The Opposition decided to submit the notice following the Supreme Court’s decision to not demand an investigation into the death of CBI Judge BH Loya.

64 Parliamentarians, from seven political parties signed the notice for the impeachment of the Chief Justice of India. The MPs who signed the notice are from Congrees, Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Communist Party of India, the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Muslim League.

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that the notice includes five grounds of misbehaviour for the CJI’s impeachment.

“Since CJI Dipak Mishra come, questions have been raised about his conduct. It showed in the January 12 press conference of four judges of Supreme Court. One concern of the four judges was memorandum of procedure was being unsettled,” Sibal said.

Referring to the press conference by the four senior judges of the Supreme Court, Sibal further said “When the judges of the Supreme Court themselves believe that the judiciary’s independence is at threat, alluding to the functioning of the office of the CJI, should the nation stand still and do nothing.”

Maintaining that the concerns of all those who signed the notice revolved around the undermining of Indian democracy, Sibal said “We wish this day had never come in the fabric of our constitutional framework. Since the day he (Dipak Misra) was appointed as CJI there have been questions raised in the manner in which he has dealt with certain cases.”

Before submitting the notice, Ghulam Nabi Azad, leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha met with the representatives of many opposition parties. These parties had petitioned President Ram Nath Kovind in February, asking for investigation into Judge Loya’s death.

” ‘There is no hope left, everything is managed’ say Judge Loya’s family. I want to tell them, there is hope. There is hope because millions of Indians can see the truth. India will not allow Judge Loya to be forgotten,” Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Terming yesterday’s judgement as a ‘sad letter day’ in India’s history, RS Surjewala, Congress spokesperson said “It is a sad letter day in India’s history. The suspicious circumstances in which Loya died, was a matter of deep concern for those who have faith in the judiciary. The copy of the entire judgment is not yet available. But there are still questions before those who believe in the judiciary.”



  1. 20 April 2018
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    I hate every politician and I hate every political party. However, I congratulate political parties initiating Impeachment move against Chief Justice of India. Can’t Impeachment be applied retrospectively to every Chief
    Justice since 1950. As a small kid I found my ancestors bribing Munshi in Courts.
    Since 2014 win, BJP has been tending to acquire Every thing in the country. Police has been nonexistent. CBI, CVC, NIA, Judiciary – all cite BJP language. Chief Justice of India, assuming the role of Parliament, has been
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