Orchardist in Shimla fetches Rs. 80 lakh for 2500 apple boxes

The Hush Post | 8:09 pm | One-minute read |

An orchardist from Premnagar panchayat in Shimla district’s Kotkhai has bagged a big deal with a Ludhiana-based fruit company. Motilal Chauhan of Dhangvi village has sold around 2500 boxes of apples to the company for an astonishing sum of Rs. 80 lakh or Rs 3200 per box. The company would be plucking the fruit directly from the orchard making it the biggest such deal ever.

Motilal Chauhan is expected to enter into another deal involving 3200 boxes of apples with the company after August 15. This direct-from-the-orchard deal may fetch the apple-grower over one crore rupees.

Motilal Chauhan has sold apples of varieties such as Jeromine, Scarlett Super-2 and Super Chief.  The company intends to export the apples to Dubai, Singapore and Manila.

Deepak Arora of the Chugh Fruit Company in Ludhiana said apples from Motilal Chauhan’s orchard gave apples from Washington a run for their money. The nutrition value of the apples is high, he added.

Notably, a box of apples was sold for Rs. 2500 in the APMC market in Shimla. Companies or buyers buying the fruit directly from the orchards augur well for the apple growers of Himachal Pradesh. The agriculturists have to shell out a 5 per cent commission for the commission agents (Arthiyas) and another one per cent as market fees for the produce in fruit markets.


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