Out on parole how OJ Simpson gave birth to the Kardashians

OJ is out on parole. Many readers won’t know that this American footballer gave Kardashians the road to stardom. There was a time when Kardashians were in the news, but readers skipped their names or probably thought they weren’t important to remember. It was a time when OJ was the accused in his wife’s murder case, and Kim and Khloe’s father Robert back him as part of his defence team.

The retired American football player, broadcaster, and actor later convicted for his wife Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder O.J. Simpson changed it for them. In 1994 they first found themselves amidst the media storm, when Kris Jenner’s ex-husband Robert Kardashian served on the defence team of his best friend O.J. Simpson. Simpson was accused of killing his wife Nicole. There was no facebook then but more than 150 million viewers tuned in for the coverage.

 Their association goes back to Robert’s marriage

The Kardashian and Simpson families were very close.

Simpson was a bestman at Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner’s wedding in 1978. Kim and Khloe called OJ and his wife “Uncle OJ and Aunt.”

Kim’s mother Kris was supposed to have a meal with Nicole the day she was found dead. After Nicole’s death, Kris was devastated but her husband Robert defended OJ in what is known as the trial of the trial of the century.

Robert siding with OJ led to Kris divorcing him.

She went on to give her daughter Kendall from Caitlyn Jenner, American decathlon champion, the middle name Nicole in remembrance of her friend.