Czech model throws kiss at lawyer inside Sessions Court

czech model throws kiss

The Hush Post | 18:18 pm |one-minute-read

In a bizarre incident at the Lahore Sessions Court, a Czech model threw a flying kiss at her lawyer. This act of the model shocked everyone present in the court. The incident took place while the Session Court was hearing model’s case of heroin trafficking. A few months back, Czech model Teresa was arrested for possession of heroin at the Lahore Airport.

During the hearing, Teresa’s lawyer gave a tough time to the customs officials while arguing for his model client. The lawyer argued that the customs officials had failed to recover anything from the Czech model and contended that she was innocent. This impressed Teresa and she shocked the court by throwing a flying kiss towards her lawyer.

In a recent statement, the model said that she came to Pakistan on modeling assignment and for doing research on Islamic studies but the customs officials arrested her on airport, thinking her to be an easy target. The Czech model has spent a year in jail and has also now adopted the Pakistani culture as she has started to wear traditional clothes and shawl.

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