Video of Pakistani journalist reporting on a donkey going viral


The Hush Post|12:30 pm|1-min-read

News reporting is a serious business. But a journalist from Pakistan had made it little funny. Amin Hafeez, Geo TV Urdu journalist chose to sit on a donkey while reporting about the growing donkey business and interviewing donkey owners at a donkey hospital in Lahore.

In a video going viral on social platforms, Amin can be seen talking about the flourishing donkey business in Lahore.

Hafeez faced the camera while sitting on a donkey with a mike in his hand. As per a report, Lahore has the third largest population of donkeys in the world. The donkey-owners are quite satisfied with the business they are making every day.

“The relationship between the humans and donkeys goes way back. But the sudden rise of the donkey rearing business in Lahore is making breeders ecstatic,” says Hafeez while riding a donkey. As he finishes speaking, he is being seen thrown off from the donkey back.


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