Former Ludhiana MLA’s grandson elected MP to Pak National Assembly from Imran’s party


The Hush Post: A former Ludhiana MLA’s grandson has been elected to the Pakistan National Assembly. Rai Mohammad Murtaza Iqbal is the grandson of Rai Mohammad Iqbal. He has been elected as the Member of National Assembly (MP) as well as member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA) in the general elections of  Pakistan which were held last month. He was the candidate of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf Party of Imran Khan from Chichawatni Parliament constituency, Dist Sahiwal (Montgomery.)rai murtaza

He won the elections by a margin of 26300 votes, and also assembly poll by a margin of about 1800 votes.

Rai Murtaza belongs to the illustrious family of Rais from Raikot in Ludhiana.He is the grandson of Rai Mohammad Iqbal who was MLA from Talwandi Rai Ludhiana seat before partition in1945. Rai Iqbal is the nephew of ex-MP Rai Aziz Ullah who is the custodian of sacred Sikh relic Ganga Sagar.

Rai Murtaza’s father Rai Ali Nawaz (late) was MPA and Provincial Minister of Punjab. Before this, his uncles Rai Ahmed Nawaz, Rai Azizullah and Rai Hassan Nawaz were elected as Members of National Assembly (MP) from the same constituency.

Rai Murtaza Iqbal is 37 years old. Studied at the prestigious Aitchison College and FC College Lahore, he later did his Law from University of Manchester UK.

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