Pakistani bureaucrat caught stealing Kuwaiti delegate’s wallet WATCH VIDEO

Pak officer caught stealing

The Hush Post: In what could be called a humiliating act, a bureaucrat in Pakistan was caught on camera stealing the wallet of a delegate who had come from Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti delegation was in Pakistan to discuss investment plans. In the CCTV footage, which has gone viral on social media, he is seen pocketing the wallet. The purse was possibly forgotten on the discussion table.

According to Dawn News, the Kuwaiti delegation had highlighted that one of its members had lost his wallet which had several high denomination notes of Kuwaiti Dinar.

The entire Finance Ministry building was searched and lower-grade employees frisked but to no avail, the news report said.

It was only when the CCTV recordings were scanned that the guilty bureaucrat was caught and the wallet recovered.

It is reported that the Kuwaiti delegation was fuming when informed of the incident. Their initial request for the identity of the accused was not met with. They were assured that proper legal action would be taken. They were shown the CCTV footage.


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