Imran Khan has many illegitimate children some in India, as per Reham Khan’s book

imran khan-reham khan

The Hush Post: Tehreek-e-Insaf Party chief and former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Reham has claimed that Imran has five illegitimate children. What’s shocking, she reveals that some of them are in India.

The book titled Reham Khan, which was released yesterday, made headlines even before being published after Reham reportedly gave inside details of her troubled relationship with Imran. “The book is all about my life, my struggles and how I overcame it. After reading my book, many women will find a small part of themselves in it.”

Former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Reham, in her new book, has claimed that Imran has five illegitimate children, some of whom are Indian. I hope and pray what has happened to me never happens to anyone,” said Reham, who married Imran in January 2015 and divorced him 10 months later.

However, the book was criticised by readers sympathetic towards Imran but was hailed by Khan’s opponent in the hope that it can reduce prospects of the Pakistan Tehreek–e-Insaf chairman becoming the next Prime Minister of the country.

The book’s ranking kept improving north on the Amazon website despite the leak on the internet. The paperback version of it has also been published in the United Kingdom. Reham Khan on her Twitter account said that she will give away signed copies of the books to those who could prove purchase of e-book through Amazon.

Earlier, she made a detailed disclosure about the sex lives of Wasim Akram in her upcoming book. Subsequently, Wasim and four other persons have sent a legal notice to Reham Khan.

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