WATCH VIDEO: Pakistan TV anchor misinterprets Apple Inc. for fruit, gets trolled


The Hush Post | 8:00 pm | One-minute read |

The troll army in Pakistan is trolling a Pakistan TV anchor for her goof-up during a talk show. The anchor of the news channel, her name not known, mistook the name of Apple Inc. for the fruit. The video has gone viral on social media and the anchor is being trolled badly.

During a talk show, the TV anchor and an economic affairs expert were discussing the financial crisis of Pakistan. The expert put forth an example of Apple Inc. to make his point. He said that the turnover of the American multinational was much more than that of Pakistan’s annual budget.

Here the anchor mistook the company’s name for the fruit. “Ji manie suna tha ki seb (apple) ki itni saari kisam hai,” the anchor said. The expert soon cut her short and corrected her.

Embarrassed, the anchor accepted her mistake, but social media users didn’t let her go easily.

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