Panchkula to use NASA developed technology to control mosquitoes, dengue

dengue, mosquitoes

The Hush Post: This year onwards, the Panchkula Municipal Corporation will use a technology developed with assistance from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to fight the mosquito menace.

Ten mosquito-killing machines using the latest technology will be installed from Wednesday onwards at several spots in the district, MC Commissioner Rajesh Jogpal told a national daily.

The selected spots include Rajiv Colony, Indira Colony, Nada Sahib, Buddanpur, Bhainsa Tibba, Bangala Basta in Pinjore, Bhairo Ki Sair in Kalka and Kharak Mangoli village.

The mosquito-killing machine relies on the mosquitoes’ natural hunting techniques of heat sensing and carbon dioxide detection. Through thermal imagery and precisely measured gas which is released, mosquitoes are attracted to the unit, captured and eliminated. A photo sensor turns the unit on at night and off during daytime.

Dengue cases are quite common in the rainy season in the tricity. Teams regularly conduct door-to-door survey in the district.

18 cases of dengue have been reported in Panchkula district this year so far. Last year, around 95 dengue and 182 malaria cases were reported in Panchkula. In 2016, 186 dengue cases and 179 malaria cases were reported in Panchkula. The dengue cases are reported largely from Kalka, Buddanpur, Ramgarh, Indira Colony, Sector 19, Abheypur, Barwala and other areas.


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