Pantnagar-Pithoragarh flight door opens mid-air

The Hush Post | 6:24 pm | One-minute read

The Pantnagar-Pithoragarh flight had an emergency landing just after five minutes of its take-off. The incident happened yesterday, February 09 in the afternoon.

The officials claimed that the reason for the same was some technical snag. But the passengers had a different story to tell. They said that the door of the nine-seater aircraft opened mid-air creating panic among the passengers.

Explaining the situation, Lokesh Bora, a passenger said, “The flight took off around noon. But just after 5 minutes, the door of the aircraft opened up. All of us panicked so much that we did not know what to do. There were two children in the flight who started crying. I have taken so many flights in my life but never faced such situation,” Bora was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

“I was going to meet my mother in Pithoragarh. But now I had to cancel my plans due to the incident. If government wants more people to have benefit of this flight which have been recently started, they should secure security first.”, he added.

Pantnagar airport director SK Singh said, “The aircraft on Saturday made an emergency landing due to some technical issues. We are looking into the matter. Meanwhile, all the flights from February 10 to 12 have been cancelled.”

This flight connects the Garhwal and Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It should be noted that since the inauguration of this much awaited flight service on January 17, it has seen a lot of controversies due to different issues resulting in cancellations.


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