Paratrooper Hardeep Singh dies after parachute fails to open, belonged to Patiala

paratrooper dies

The Hush Post| 20:44 pm| one-minute-read

It was a jump he had done many times in the past, but this time round the jump plunged him to death. An Indian Air Force paratrooper was killed on Thursday after his parachute failed to open mid-air during a training exercise in Agra’s Malpura.

The incident took place when 26-year-old Hardeep Singh, who belonged to the 11th Regiment, jumped from 9,000 ft.

Unfortunately, his parachute got entangled in his hand and it did not open in time. Singh was immediately rushed to a military hospital where he died.

Singh, who belongs to Patiala, Punjab, served in the services for over five years. At present, he was posted in Assam. He was part of a group of 40 men participating in a basic free-fall jump course.
In March this year, another paratrooper Sunil Kumar also died at Malpura in a similar accident.


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