Parenting styles influence a child’s development and behaviour across different life situations

parenting styles

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Amritsar : Rohit (name changed) a 15-year-old child brought by parents that he does not listen to them and acts according to his wish. He is often suspended from school due to his misbehaviour, which mostly includes opposing the authorities and frequent quarrels.On clarification, mother admitted that they were too strict and rigid with him and always demanded perfection in all the spheres. Parents were explained regarding the faulty parenting styles and were counselled for amendments in their way of dealing with the child.

He said that such problems are common in the society and parenting style is a major factor which determines the behaviour of a child as he grows up. While the young ones of overly strict and rigid parents may grow up as rebels, the children of ignorant parents tend to be immature with poor social skills.

DO’s: A balanced style of parenting is the best suited one. Technically known as an authoritative style, it combines firm limits on behaviour with love, warmth, affection, respect, and willingness to the child’s point of view. The child’s input should be considered but at the same time the role of the final decision maker must be maintained.

DONT’s: Corporal punishments should be rarely used instead other ways of mending undesirable behaviour like loss of previously given privileges is of help. Professional help from a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist should be sought whenever required. A right step in the early stage can help prevent the problematic behaviours at a later age.

Dr. Ishat Kalra

Dr Ishat Kalra (Writer is a Resident from Psychiatry Department, Mental Hospital, Amritsar) & can be contacted at [email protected]