Parrot arrested | “Mama, police” it warns drug dealers about police raid

The Hush Post | 13:00 | Two-minute read

In a bizarre incident in Brazil, a parrot has been arrested by the local police for allegedly alerting its drug-dealing owners to a police raid. According to the police when they searched for the suspects, the parrot nearly succeeded in alerting its owners by repeatedly yelling “Mamae, policia!” or “Mama, police!”

The police of Piaui state told local media, “He must have been trained for this”.

The police further added that the parrot’s attempt was interference with law enforcement. “As soon as the police got close, he started shouting,” the Guardian reported.

However, the bird’s efforts could not save its apparent owners from arrest. According to a local newspaper, a man and teenage girl were arrested during the police raid.

Footage of the raid’s aftermath which have been aired by R7 showed that the police was cataloguing small bags of cracks while the parrot was sitting obediently on a countertop next to a race car helmet and a glass bottle.

The parrot was then spotted being carried by a cop out of the house on his hand before being placed in a cage.

After the arrest, police took the parrot to the Teresina Police Department where it remained in total silence.

The suspect couple’s lawyer Salma Barros has questioned that how the yelling parrot could remain totally quiet in the police station.

On the other hand, an environmentalist Jaqueline Lustosa told the local media that she had gone to the police department to get the the bird freed. The bird has been taken to a local zoo.

But the parrot’s stubborn silence continued even there. “Lots of police officers have come by and he said nothing,” said a veterinarian.


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