Pet dog helps 14-yr-old girl free herself from clutches of rapists

pet dog helps girl free herself from rapists

Bites one of them on the leg, incessant barking warns villagers who rush to spot

The Hush Post: The pet dog of a 14-year-old girl helped save her from two men who allegedly forced themselves on her. They fled from the spot after it injured one of them and were later arrested.

The incident is of Kareela village of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh. On the night of the incident, the minor girl went out of her house to bring some dry grass to create smoke for keeping mosquitoes at bay, a police officer told media persons.

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As she came out of the home, two persons, aged 24 and 39, overpowered her and took her to a nearby deserted hut at knife-point, where they allegedly raped her, he said.

The girl shouted for help and her pet dog reached the spot and bit one of them on his leg. The accused attacked the dog with the knife but the dog continued to bark, the victim told the police.

The victim freed herself from the clutches of the accused and ran towards her home. After hearing the noise and the dog’s continuous barking, people from nearby homes also rushed towards the hut, forcing the culprits to run away.

The duo have been booked for rape and abduction under relevant sections of the IPC and also under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The Madhya Pradesh government has enacted a law under which rapists of minor girls are given death sentence within 6 months.


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