Bishnoi woman breastfeeding baby deer goes viral

Bishnoi woman breastfeeds deer

The Hush Post | 7:52 pm | One-minute read |

A picture of a woman breastfeeding a baby deer has gone viral on the social media. The beautiful picture has won hearts of millions. The picture is being talked about everywhere and the reactions to it are also emotional. Though the picture is a few years old, yet it has generated fresh vibes on the internet.

Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Praveen Kaswan tweeted this picture on July 17. He wrote, “This is how #bishnoi community in Jodhpur cares for animals. These lovely animals are no less than children to them. A lady feeding one. The same people, who fought King in 1730 and laid 363 life protecting Khejri trees.”

The picture has been shared over a 1000 times and it got 4,300 likes within the first day of being shared. Social media users are praising the woman, with some labeling her ‘a wonderful mother’ and some referring to the picture as “an amazing picture”.

Some found a message for the humans in the picture. “Humans still hv(sic) to learn lessons… how to live with nature???”

The picture was first seen in 2017 when celebrity chef Vikas Khanna shared it on Twitter.


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