NaMo’s dyslexia jibe at RaGa: Judging someone as dyslexic is like judging a fish by its ability to climb mountain; WATCH VIDEO

PM Modi

Shamsher Chandel

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What’s common to the dyslexic students/children and acronyms like FYI, ASAP, BTW, LOL among thousands of others. While many of these acronyms can be attributed to the military literature, terms borrowed from the corporate world, and used by famous authors, some of these can be attributed to dyslexic students, who found it difficult or were too lazy to pronounce the whole sentence. So what did they do? They made acronyms and these acronyms are a lifeline of our communication.

Newsrooms have its own set of acronyms, certainly not a result of dyslexia but of creativity.

VVS Laxman scored 281 runs at Eden Gardens, Kolkata and Indian Express next day rechristened VVS Laxman. Vangipurapu Venkata Sai is what VVS stood for in VVS Laxman and not many people outside the family knew it. The next day, headlined as Very, Very, Special by a formidable man in the world of journalism, the nation now uses the acronym VVS for Very, Very, Special quite often.

About 12 years after Laxman scored the double century, another set of acronyms started appearing in Indian journalism. NaMo for Narendra Modi and RaGa for Rahul Gandhi.

Acronyms can be a work of art or craft and can be cryptic much like advanced algebra. And if dyslexic children are so, it is clearly as much an advantage as it is a disadvantage – they think out of the box in fact sometimes over the top.

“An incredibly high percentage of entrepreneurs are dyslexics. And that’s one of the little known fact,” says famous author Malcolm Gladwell.

The biggest of hackers, the best of engineers can be dyslexics (poor at spellings just as most of the people with low or average IQ have dyscalculia (poor at calculations). PM Modi was jibing at Rahul Gandhi but unintentionally made not only one at many who are dyslexics but also at arithmetic geniuses.

What was PM Modi’s dyslexia jibe at Rahul Gandhi ?

At a hackathon event, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi mocked Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi with a reference to dyslexia and dyslexic children. The incident took place on Saturday (March 2) when a student introduced a dyslexia-related project to PM Modi at ‘Smart India Hackathon.’

The student introduced her project and citing an example of Taare Zameen Par movie, she explained how it could help dyslexic children.

To this, PM Modi interjected and asked if the same could help the 40 to 50-year-old child (referring to Rahul Gandhi).

Now here is what PM Modi needs to know what dyslexics can do. While Taare Zamin Par was a movie, dyslexics includes Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, physicists like Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Steven Spielberg, Mohammad Ali, Abhishek Bachchan among millions of others, just as bad with spellings as PM Modi was with word meanings or probably still is. When he was the Gujarat Chief Minister, while addressing a gathering he said: “I am very pessimistic.” He actually wanted to say: “I am very optimistic.” Here is a what he said.


Taling of dyslexia, the incidence in India is believed to be 15 per cent. As per a 2013 report, there are 22 crore dyslexic students enrolled in recognised schools. This message from PM Modi may be aimed at Rahul Gandhi but inadvertantly targets millions of dyslexics across the country.


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