WATCH policemen riding batons as horses as part of anti-riot prep

The Hush Post| 1:53 pm |one-minute-read|

In a hilarious video, which has gone viral, policemen of Uttar Pradesh Police are seen galloping like horses with baton between their thighs as part of a drill. The bizarre clip, is of a mock drill in Ferozabad district held on November 8 in the police lines, a day before the Ayodhya verdict was pronounced by the Supreme Court.

Call it, shortage of stallions/horses or jugaad but the video has had internet cracking jokes.

Defending the move, Inspector Ram Ikshah said, ”The mock drill was related to crowd management, since we did not have horses, we symbolically conducted the exercise where the cops presumed that they were on a horseback.”

After the video invited hilarious reactions, Firozabad police posted a clarification and explained that they had to resort to imagining batons as horses since the Academy did not have ‘real’ horses.



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