Before taking plunge in politics, Rajinikanth starts his annual pilgrimage

The Hush Post: It seems before actively getting involved in politics Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is recharging himself. Living legend of the Tamil cinema began his annual pilgrimage this morning. Rajinikanth heads to the caves in Dunagiri in Uttarakhand close to the Himalayas every year.

Rajinikanth was spotted by fans this morning at Chennai Airport. While he did not elaborate on the purpose of his visit, he said he would be gone for two weeks.

On December 31, Rajinikanth, 67, had announced he would launch a political party soon. He had said he would launch the party to contest state polls in 2021.

Rajinikanth has been going to the Himalayas for over a decade now. During his annual tour, the actor heads to the caves in Dunagiri in Uttarakhand to meditate and spend time with the saints. Most of his earlier visits have coincided with important events in his life. In addition to his entry into politics, Rajinikanth is also awaiting the release of two big films — Kaala and 2.0, with Akshay Kumar.

He is expected to spend time at the meditation centre that Rajinikanth, also known as the Thalaivar, and his friends built on the foothills of the Himalayas to celebrate the 100 years of the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS). The non-profit religious organisation was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1917.

Rajinikanth has been going to a cave where an ancient sage, Mahavatar Babaji, was believed to have lived. In his 2002 film, Baba, Rajinikanth played an atheist who develops faith after meeting Mahavatar Babaji.

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