Withdraw Fake News Order: PM Modi

The Hush Post: The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has been told to withdraw its order curbing fake news, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The fake news order, which had been issued by the I&B Ministry, said that “if any journalist was found to have created and/or propagated fake news, the scribe’s accreditation would be suspended or permanently cancelled.”

PM Modi, however, said that issues like these should only be addressed in the Press Council of India.

The decision by the Prime Minister was taken on the heels of massive furor and protests against the I&B Ministry’s Amendment. Journalists from across the country slammed the move, describing it as a move to stifle the independence of the press.

The Ministry’s order had said that “once a complaint is registered for determination of fake news, the accreditation of the journalist who created and/or propagated the fake news will be suspended till such time the determination regarding the fake news is made by the regulating agencies.”

Journalists had alleged that this move of the government would be used to target those media-persons who did not follow a particular ideology, as against actually targeting sources of fake news.


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