Prabhu marks probe after Air India air hostess takes to social media as airline management doesn’t take action on her sexual harassment complaint

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The Air India hostess blames senior official of sexually harassing her for 6 years

The Hush Post: A probe has begun after an air hostess of country’s premier airlines, Air India, accused a senior official of sexually harassing her for the past six years. The victim has also blamed the management of the airline of not taking any action on her complaint made in September 2017, a report said.

On Tuesday, the victim air hostess took to social media seeking “help” to make the airline take action on her complaint. After this, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu tweeted that he has asked AI chairman “to immediately address this issue. If necessary, will appoint another committee.”

In a complaint sent on May 25 to the Civil Aviation Minister, the air hostess who terms herself a “proud single mother” alleged that “a senior executive over last six years has sexually harassed, tortured and discriminated against me…. this senior executive (whose name will be revealed when I meet you) is a predator and has sexually… abused me… and has tried to compel women in his office (including me) to come and drink with him at various bars and many of us have been forced to do so…. He has insulted and denied me positions and privileges after I rejected his advances… he has made my life a misery and work and continues to do so.”

The air hostess claims of having complained to the airline management last September and wrote to the then chairman but no action was taken. “I used the internal processes because I did not want to attract publicity or attention… but six years of torture and nine months of tortuous delay and coverups have left me frustrated. When no action (from AI) was forthcoming, rather than filing an FIR, I appealed to the ministry who ensured that AI women’s sexual harassment committee heard the case,” she says in her complaint letter to the minister while alleging that “other women have been through this with the same senior executive.”

“Sadly the AI women’s cell did nothing… During the mockery of inquiry… the lady chairperson of the committee had to temerity to respond ‘you know how he talks. He has even flirted with me like this so many times’.”

“In any other company, this offending officer would either have been suspended or transferred out. Yet in AI, through his old boys’ club, (he) has continued to serve in the same office,” the air hostess says in her letter to the Civil Aviation Minister Prabhu, marked also to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while seeking a meeting with the minister.


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