President Trump doesn’t recognise the gift he presented to the Queen

The Hush Post | 16:05 | One-minute read

US President Donald Trump was saved from an embarrassment when he forgot the gift he had presented to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

During his meeting with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at the Buckingham Palace in London on June 3, Trump was taking a tour of the royal artwork with wife Melania Trump. There the President was shown a pewter horse that he had gifted to the Queen in 2018 during his visit to Windsor. However, the President could not recognize the gift but soon after Melania interjected and told her husband that they had gifted the pewter horse to the Queen.

The anecdote was shared by The Sun’s Royal correspondent, Emily Andrews, on Twitter. “Trump was also shown the pewter horse that he had given the Queen last year in his visit to Windsor. He was asked if he recognize it and he said “no”! Melania came to his rescue and said: “I think we gave to the Queen” she tweeted on Monday.

Social media users were quick to comment on the incident and expressed views that were both hilarious and critical.

The Trumps are currently on a three days visit to the UK.


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