Protesters chase bus with Hyderabad vet rape accused inside, cops had tough time | WATCH VIDEO

Hyderabad doctor rape accused

The Hush Post| 1012 pm|one-minute-read|

Even as the court sent the four rapists involved in the gangrape of Hyderabad veterinarian doctor into police custody, protestors gheraoed the Shadnagar police station demanding that the culprits be handed over to them so that they can be lynched to death.

The police really had a tough time to ensure the safety of the accused. The police could not take the accused to the court and the court had to function from the police station. So much so that there were hundreds of slippers thrown at the police station by protestors.

Watch the video, in which close to 500 people gather around the cavalcade of vehicles in which the accused were to be transported. The police, also hundreds of them in number had a tough time dealing with the crowd.

[videopress gABBFtCe]

The four accused are Mohammed Arif, Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, Jollu Shiva and Jollu Naveen

The mother of one of the accused Chintakunta has said that after this crime, if her son gets capital punishment she will not challenge it. She said, “Hang him or burn him to death. I too have a daughter and I know well what the doctor’s family must be going through.”

She adds,“If after all that has happened I try to protect my son, people will hate me all my life.”

The day when police picked up the accused, his father left his home out of helplessness. Chita Kunta was married to a girl of his liking about five months ago. There was no family problem. He had a kidney ailment for which he was taken to Hyderabad. But there was no problem in his life.



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