2 Punjabis arrested in US for seeking sexual favours at massage spa

punjabi arrested

The Hush Post: Two Punjabis — Nasib Singh and Dalip Singh were arrested for seeking sexual favours at a local motel from its staff. After the incident, the Anderson Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Team on Monday arrested the two.

As per the statement by the police, the investigation began last week when 36-year-old Nasib Singh of Anderson, went to a local day spa for a massage. At the end of it, Singh offered to pay for sexual services, which the massage therapist declined. However, Singh continued to harass the therapist. Singh was told this type of conduct would not be tolerated and was asked to leave immediately.

On being informed, Anderson Police Officer responded since Singh’s conduct meant requirements for criminal solicitation of prostitution.

An officer later contacted Singh in an undercover manner and asked if he was still seeking sexual services. Singh indicated he was and agreed to meet.

During the negotiations of price and services with the officer, Singh inquired the price for two customers. A price was agreed upon and a meeting was set at a local motel.

On August 18, 2018, Singh arrived at the motel and brought 45-year-old Dalip Singh with him. Once at the motel, Nasib Singh walked to the room where he expected the prostitute to be waiting for him. Instead , he found two APD POP team members awaiting his arrival.

The Police said, both Nasib and Dalip Singh were arrested for solicitation of prostitution and loitering for the purposes of prostitution. Both have been booked into the Shasta County Jail.

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