After Gilzian, 2 more Cong MLAs Nathuram & Surjit Dhiman resign from party posts

Congress MLA Surjit Dhiman resigns from all party posts.

The Hush Post: More Congress members are miffed after the announcement of cabinet expansion by Captain Amarinder Singh. After  Sangat Singh Gilzian, the Tanda Urmur MLA, Nathuram from Baluana constituency and Surjit Dhiman from Amargarh have resigned from all positions in the Congress.

This after being ignored for a cabinet berth. Gilzian was the first to resign from the posts of AICC membership and vice-president of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) in the morning.

Baluana MLA Nathuram resigns from all party posts.

He was followed by Nathuram said, “SC community has 25 per cent population in the state and it has sent 22 MLAs to the party. We were hoping at least 5 SC MLAs would be inducted in the cabinet but we have not been given due representation.”

Amargarh MLA Dhiman said, “Not a single MLA out of seven backward caste MLAs were inducted in the cabinet.”

Earlier, Gilzian said, he had taken this decision as the party had failed to represent the backward classes and that he belonged to it. He is a three-time MLA and has contested four elections to the Vidhan Sabha. Gilzian said he would continue to serve people of his constituency as the MLA.

He said: “What to talk of inducting me in the cabinet, even my junior was not inducted. Backward classes have 27% of the votes in Punjab and not even a single MLA representing them was made a minister,” he said. “Now I do not have any right to hold positions in the party. I will continue to serve my people as MLA.”

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