Air Canada to allow Sikh pilots with flowing beards to fly planes

Air Canada

The Hush Post:  Air Canada may soon allow bearded Sikhs to fly planes in Air Canada. As of now, Air Canada only allows trimmed beard of length of 1.25 centimetres for its aircrew, as per a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) report.

A study was commissioned on whether it would be possible for men with flowing beards to fly planes. The study was carried out by Simon Fraser University, British Columbia. The study was to ascertain whether oxygen supply masks worked effectively only on the hair-free surface. Even though, bearded pilots fly planes all over the eastern world including India, and middle-east Asia.

The study on bearded pilots was commissioned by Air Canada after receiving an application by a Sikh pilot.

Prior to commissioning of the study, the university was approached by another bearded Sikh whose flying career was being affected.

The researchers tested facial hair from stubble to waist length beards in simulated altitudes up to 25,000 above sea level.

“We had no one fail the study, regardless of beard length,” the study’s head Sherri Ferguson was reportedly quoted as saying in the CBC report.

The likelihood of bearded Sikhs and Muslims flying planes as part of Air Canada is looking up.

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